Centrex Services delivered from the cloud, over the Internet, via VoIP.

Asterisk Centrex Solutions

Our Centrex software solution is cloud-based, but it relies on Asterisk in order to accomplish its functionality. Asterisk is a free, open source voip PBX. Asterisk is mature, rock-solid, well supported and well documented.


Centrex Meets Asterisk in the Cloud

Asterisk PBX hosted in the cloud, with full private branch exchange functionality. Centrex services delivered over the Internet. Asterisk based solution.


Asterisk Based VoIP Telephony Solution

  • Hosted IP Centrex

    While this can be distributed among several servers for load balancing, it will appear on single IP address.

  • Centrex Solution Provider

    In this case, we have provided multiple routes based on an intelligent least-cost routing algorithm.

  • Centrex Telecom Asterisk

    This way, you will have the necessary functionality for different advanced call number options.

  • IAX Centrex IP

    Calls using IAX will be correlated with the number of people for using their IAX enabled phones.

  • SIP Centrex IP

    The Digital Circuit-Switched Telephone Network allows a direct connection to a Google voice account.

  • H323 Centrex IP

    Available options include H323 and the lists of options you can have on a system at a time is longer.

  • Centrex IP Directory

    You can set the same context and extension options for the Centrex IP system in the directory.

  • Flash Centrex Asterisk

    This feature lowers the risk of people accidentally retrieving the status of a call parked in Asterisk.

  • Asterisk Cloud Service

    It looks just like any other VoIP PBX, but it is an Asterisk PBX instance running in the cloud.

Asterisk VoIP PBX

Asterisk Configuration

Initial configuration of Asterisk is a tasks to set up some initial configuration.

Asterisk in the Cloud

This is a term that is used to emphasize that there will be any PSTN hardware on the customer's premises.

Asterisk Hardware

Each manufacturer builds great hardware, but our solution works in the cloud.

Asterisk Video

Asterisk has received some criticism for not better supporting video, but in fact it does.